Cloud based broadcasting- no boundaries

Cloud based broadcasting- no boundaries

Broadcasters do have a challenge approaching: how to get their content available to end users as fast as possible in the most efficient way. But then that problem is made worse by the sudden increase in the use of multiple devices. Consumers today are not stuck just to their desks, chairs or sofas. So, broadcasters who have distributed content through closed, terrestrial networks are now facing challenges of extending their infrastructure, workflows and processes to push that content over Internet Protocol.

With reference to : IBC 2014

Broadcasters must evolve the way that they make content available. Delivering quality content will alone not be sufficient anymore. Being able to deliver them quickly and efficiently will become crucial with time. Numerous elements of content publishing workflows are now being offered as cloud-based services thus enabling broadcasters as well as media companies to be able to publish from anywhere.

Avid announced the AvidEverywhere as the most “fluid, end-to-end, distributed media production environment in the industry; a comprehensive ecosystem that encompasses every aspect of the new digital media value chain” But Avid is not alone. AP, Ericson, Verizon Digital Media Services, Microsoft Azure Media Services and many others have a well-structured cloud based platform for media publishing too.

These kind of services promise to enhance and liberate the content publishing just the way as multi-device has liberated the consumption of content. Broadcasters and media houses are no longer restricted to expensive equipment or desktop based software. Cloud based content allows to acquire, edit, and publish content from anywhere that the web can be accessed.

That is one half of the entire story. Even if you have the best content in the world, it will be futile if you fail to provide it to viewers on their choice of device and place. The IBC floor showcased new innovations in the field of presenting content. Content needs to be converted into desired formats quickly so as to be able to distribute it to various end points over an internet that is becoming increasingly congested.

The Limelight Orchestrate for Media and Broadcasters solution takes care of  that exact problem: transforming and delivering content across cloud based platforms.

Combined together, these cloud based media production workflows re-create that were once known as software/hardware ecosystems for creation of content, its publishing and distribution.

The system is not perfect yet. A lot of integration needs to be done in this field for a seamless overall experience.IBC 2014 showed the future that we had only dreamt of till date. With it,  content will become more fluid and more available to viewers.



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