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Belden formed through a merger of Belden Inc. and Cable Design Technologies Corp. in July 2004 is one of the largest US-based manufacturers of high speed electronic cables. Founded by Joseph C. Belden in 1902 the company had revenues of $1.5 billion in 2006 and about 5,200 employees.

Belden designs, manufactures and markets high-speed electronic cables, connectivity products and related items for the specialty electronics and data networking markets.

Some of the prominent products of the company are discussed below


High-definition television (HDTV) is a digital television broadcasting system with greater resolution than traditional television systems. HDTV is digitally broadcast, because digital television (DTV) requires less bandwidth if sufficient video compression is used. Belden now offers heat resistant 7804E CA00270 Brilliance AssembliesT SMPTE 311M HDTV.

Digital and analog audio/video composite camera cable 1347A

This provides exceptional video, audio and power for ENG/EFP cameras standard setting cables.

Tactical fiber optical cable for Outside Broadcast

Designed for digital camera transmissions in electronic news gathering (ENG) vehicles including mining and industrial applications, especially for long haul HD transmissions.

Halogen-free cable

Halogen-Free Cable is manufactured for applications which require insulation with low smoke generation. Halogen-free cables are also used for applications which require insulation with low toxicity, and low corrosiveness. Halogen-free cable is a version of Brilliance DigitTruck 179DT lightweight RG-179 Type 75-ohm coaxial cable. This halogen-free cable is particularly designed to lighten the load on the truck. Halogen-free cable also reduces the amount of space needed. These cables improves air-conditioning air flow. Halogen-free cables are improve gas mileage substantially

Halogen-free VideoFlex® Snake Cable

This is an extension of Belden's highly popular VideoFlex Snake Cable

NanoSkew™ Brilliance® VideoTwist™ in S/FTP design

This new shielded design is now available for Digital Signage applications.

SMPTE 311M Heat-resistant Hybrid Fiber Cable for HDTV Camera

This mobile cable is for use in studios or fields and also as a static cable in permanent installations.

CA00270 Brilliance® Assemblies™ SMPTE 311M HDTV

Belden now offers new generation, heat resistant 7804E.

Banana peel precision video snake cables

Banana peel precision video snake cables features three of Belden's most popular SDI/HD coaxes to include a 1694A composite construction. Banana peel precision video snake cables give outstanding video performance and use multiple coaxes in a single pull.

CATV multicore cable

CATV multicore cables for multi switch systems are an extension of the highly popular CATV cables. These CATV multicore cables feature an easy-to-install bundle of H121A, designed for optimum performance in multi-switch systems and to reduce installation time.

Belden's new CATV multicore cables provide a flexible, cost-effective way of delivering satellite signals to a wide range of users in residential, public and office buildings. They also support loop-through for terrestrial signals, allowing satellite TV to be added to a terrestrial distribution system. These cables use flexible halogen-free plastic and are compatible with a wide range of F-style connectors.

Signal transmission solutions

Belden being the leading supplier of signal transmission solutions has the products and the experience to help companies incorporate these signal transmission solutions in their operations.

Providing reliable cabling products for over a century has allowed the company to create specific signal transmission solutions for its customers. Belden, as an expert in signal transmission solutions technology, has more to offer than anyone else and is competent to provide expert signal transmission solutions.

The various signal transmission solutions cater to the needs of growing cities in today's world. Belden offers thousands of such signal transmission solutions for broadcast, building networks, security, industrial and residential arenas

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