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Nangalwala Group is an ISO 9001/2000 and ISI Certified company engaged in the manufacture and export of electrical products such as Wiring Harness Assemblies, Battery Leads, Auto Kits, PVC Cables & Sleeves, Rubber Cables and Hose Pipes, Rubber / XLPE / PVC Power Cable, Auto Electrical Parts & Accessories, Welding Cable etc.

Auto Kits

Nangalwala Group manufactures different type of utility kits used in automobiles known as Auto Kits. These Auto Kits are fully manufactured and assembled by Nangalwala. Even parts of the auto kits comprising metal and plastics are fully assembled here. Some of the Auto Kits are -

  • Battery Booster Kit (Jumper Kit) à Such Auto Kits are used to jump start the vehicle in case of battery failure due to numerous factors. These auto kits work by connecting positive negative terminals of the batteries to each other.
  • Head Light Tune Up Kit à These Auto Kits are used to install a Relay in the Automobile which distributes the current in even manner so that the head light performance is consistent. These Auto kits have increased life because of the even distribution of current.

Nangalwala also provides for in – house auto kits assembling.

Auto Electrical Parts and Accessories

Nangalwala supplies various auto electrical parts & accessories. These auto electrical parts & accessories include Auto Switches – which are various types of automobile switches supplied by the company. Lugs & Connectors are another set of auto electrical parts & accessories. These auto electrical parts & accessories are used in wiring harness of automobiles and in electrical appliances. Various types of automobile bulbs such as head light, tail light etc are also part of auto electrical parts & accessories. Different types of auto sensors are supplied by Nangalwala as auto electrical parts & accessories. Nangalwala also has a comprehensive range of battery terminals as part of their auto electrical parts & accessories range. Battery Brackets are also supplied as auto electrical parts & accessories.

Another set of auto electrical parts & accessories are Auto / Battery / Ignition / Speaker Cable

Following of following items are:-

  • Auto Cable
  • Battery Cable
  • Auto Switch
  • Auto Bulbs
  • Auto Lamps etc.


Welding Cables are used to link the welding machine with the welding torch. Nangalwala manufactures various types of Arc Welding Cables of premium quality. Nangalwala welding cables have good rotation in Gulf, India and Europe.

Welding cables available with Nangalwala are:

  • Flexible HOFR Welding Cable
  • HOFR Welding Cable with High Temperature Strength
  • TPR based HOFR Welding Cable
  • All Weather Halogen Free Welding Cable
  • General Purpose Welding Cable

RUBBER / XLPE / PVC Power Cable

Nangalwala manufactures power cables as Rubber / XLPE / PVC power cables. These Rubber / XLPE / PVC Power cables can be   multi core or single core. These Rubber / XLPE / PVC power cables have capacity up to 3.3 kVA . Nangalwala Rubber / XLPE / PVC power cables are manufactured with copper or aluminum based conductor. These Rubber / XLPE / PVC Power cables are of excellent product quality. Nangalwala Rubber / XLPE / PVC power cables use high conductivity conductor. Nangalwala Group is a leading, world class manufacturer of Rubber / XLPE / PVC power cables.


Nangalwala provides a wide range of Wiring Harness assemblies that are manufactured from the high quality raw materials. Wiring harness assemblies made by Nangalwala are available in various sizes and dimensions. Wiring harness assemblies are used in various industries like automobile and electrical equipment industries. Nangalwala wiring harness assemblies are highly durable and long lasting. Nangalwala supplies wiring harness assemblies for vehicle, electrical appliance, panel etc. Nangalwala also supplies accessories for wiring harness assemblies. These accessories for wiring harness assemblies include Couplers, Socket, Connectors, caps and terminals etc. In supplying wire harness assemblies Nangalwala provides good workmanship with a highly skilled and trained technical staff. Nangalwala also provides quality and reliability in their wire harness assemblies and accessories.

Auto Electrical Parts

Auto Electrical Parts



Wiring Harness

Wiring Harness

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