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Key Products : Distribution Transformers, Furnace Transformers, Rectifier Transformers, Earthing Transformers

Creative Transformers (P) Limited is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturing transformers up to 33kv class & 7500 KVA capacity for varied requirements. Infrastructure, testing facility, own designing system, vision, skilled staff are the company’s strengths which help to produce best quality products. The company provides solutions to various electrical requirements / installations including transformers & other electrical network. The company provides high quality distribution transformers, power transformers, furnace transformers, and isolation traction & earthing requirements. The company manufactured products are as per various quality standards like IS, BS & IEC.

Distribution Transformers

The company manufactured distribution transformers have standard fittings like pockets to measure temperature. Distribution transformers have lifting hooks and earthing terminals.  There are vents provided in the distribution transformers for explosion. Off load tap changer is also provided in distribution transformers. Optional settings like equalizer pipes are provided. Client has option to choose magnetic oil level gauge for distribution transformers. Various other accessories can be attached to the distribution transformers as per client specifications. Distribution transformers also have radiator valves. Marshalling box can also be provided by the company for the distribution transformers. Unidirectional rollers are also be fitted in the distribution transformers.

Furnace Transformers

Furnace transformers has standard fitting of HV Bare Bushing / Cable box. To suit customer’s requirement furnace transformers with specific arrangements like ARC FURNACE/ INDUCTION FURNACE that is provided by the company. Company provides rating and diagram plates for furnace transformers. Top Plate Lifting Hooks are one of the standard fitting of furnace transformers. Furnace transformers have OLTC & OFF circuit tap changers which are hand operated. Creative transformers provide bulk orders for furnace transformers. Furnace transformers supplied by the company are of high quality. Furnace transformers like distribution transformers are provided with temperature measurement pockets.

Rectifier Transformers

Rectifier Transformers have electrostatic shield for harmonic protection.  There is corrugated wall present in rectifier transformers, where space is constraint. Company manufactured rectifier transformers have lifting hooks and radiators. For the radiators of rectifier transformers company provides optional settings of radiator valves. These rectifier transformers also have oil filling hole with cap and oil drain valves. Oil level indicator is provided in the rectifier transformers. There are earthing terminals present in rectifier transformers. Off load tap changer switch with handle is provided as a standard fitting in rectifier transformers. Clients have an option of accessories for rectifier transformers. Also there is a magnetic oil level gauge option available in the rectifier transformers.

Earthing Transformers

Earthing transformers have secondary output voltages like 460V, 575V, 850V, 1150V or other specific voltages. Unitized sub station is there for earthing transformers. There is a temperature measurement pocket present in earthing transformers. Earthing transformers are also provided with a standard fitting of silica gel breather. Earthing terminals is available in earthing transformers. Radiators are integral part of earthing transformers. OLTC and OFF circuit tap changers are present in earthing transformers. Buchholz Relay is an optional fitting for earthing transformers which is provided by the company. Marshalling box is an added advantage of earthing transformers. HV Bare Bushing / Cable box is also one of the standard fitting of earthing transformers.

Traction Transformers

Traction transformers manufactured by the company are provided with standard fittings like HV bare bushing/ cable box, conservator tank, explosion vent. Company provides tailor made solutions for traction transformers. Creative Transformers has created a benchmark in high quality traction transformers. Traction transformers have rating and diagram plates. Traction transformers have optional fittings like equalizer pipes extra neutral terminals marshalling boxes. OLTC & OFF circuit tap changers are available in traction transformers. Traction transformers have electrostatic shield for harmonic protection.

OLTC and OFF Circuit Tap Changers

OLTC and OFF Circuit Tap Chang

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Optional Fittings

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Standard Fittings

Other Transformers

Other Transformers

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