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First Pacific Company Limited (142) - Financial and Strategic SWOT Analysis Review

Tuesday, Aug 09, 2016

First Pacific Company Limited (First Pacific) is an investment management and holding company, which has interests in telecommunications, consumer food products, infrastructure and natural resources businesses. The company provides various products such as noodles, dairy, snack foods, food seasonings, nutrition and special foods, and beverages; wheat flour and pasta; and food products from palm oil. It offers varied services such as broadband internet, SMS, voice, mobile data and other network and data center services; distribution of food products through a distribution network of stock points; production of electricity from varied sources such as fuel, coal, hydro, geothermal and biomass; planning, construction and maintenance of roadways. First Pacific also provides diagnostic and ambulatory care center, and medical services; gold and copper mine development and petrol exploration services; and production and refining raw sugar. The company caters to retail, industrial, and commercial customers across Asia-Pacific region. First Pacific is headquartered in Hong Kong.

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