Armed American Radio Heading Into Two Years Of Daily Syndicated Coverage

Thursday, Jul 14, 2016

Armed American Radio’s Daily Defense with Mark Walters broke new ground over one year ago with the introduction of the Daily Defense syndicated radio broadcast now heard in dozens of cities, five days per week. Combined with the seven years running and groundbreaking Armed American Radio national weekend powerhouse broadcast heard in hundreds of cities every Sunday evening 8-11 pm ET, 5-8 pm PT, Mark and the AAR network of radio programs are pushing the limits of broadcasting freedom six days per week over the nations airwaves with hard hitting talk and solid analysis of the daily attacks against gun owners..

Host Mark Walters recently said, “With the daily show now over one year running and heading into its second year, it’s amazing to think that combined with the weekend program, Armed American Radio is running somewhere across the nation every day of the week, at various times of the day.  I can’t think of a time, during my lifetime anyway, when the voice of law abiding gun owners has ever been needed as badly as it is now.  With the attacks on our freedoms coming at us from well funded enemies of our second amendment rights combined with a vehemently anti-gun president, democrat socialist party and mainstream media, I’m honored to know that gun owners have a place to turn every day of the week to hear the truth about our rights that the mainstream press will never tell us.”

For hard hitting talk about the right to bear arms and to hear the record set straight every day of the week tune into Armed American Radio every Sunday from 8-11 pm ET, 5-8 pm PT and Armed American Radio’s Daily Defense heard M-F 4-5 pm ET, 1-2 pm PT.


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