AT&T Partner Exchange Builds On Mobility Momentum and Success for the Channel

Thursday, Oct 12, 2017

AT&T* Partner Exchange® is introducing mobility tools to help solution providers give their customers more value.  

We're launching a simple, easy-to-manage, back-up plan for wireless wide area network (WWAN). The new plan makes entry into mobility resell easier for wireline-centric solution providers. We also released the latest edition of our WWAN Solution Guide to help solution providers better understand the basics of wireless routing.

WWAN gives cost-effective back-up internet access without overages for existing fixed-line communications. It lets businesses continue to perform critical business functions, service their customers and process payments in the event of a service outage.

"If you're looking to enter the mobility resell game, we've got you covered," said Sue Galvanek, vice president, Marketing, Pricing and Product Solutions, AT&T Partner Exchange. "Business-critical applications need reliable internet services. WWAN offers that. Any business that uses an internet connection can benefit from a WWAN solution and our new plan makes it even easier for solution providers to offer this service."

Application Programming Interface (API)

We released an API1 for Mobility Port Management that lets solution providers qualify, create, check, update, cancel and activate port requests. These tools give solution providers the agility and speed they need to deliver better customer service.

This latest launch adds to the mobility API portfolio expansions announced this year, which come with greater speed and control. Solution providers can now perform up to 99% of their mobility transactions via API. This means lower costs and boosted efficiency for solution providers' businesses.

Internet of Things (IoT)

AT&T Partner Exchange has more than doubled its IoT activations since launching an IoT certification program, IoT Readiness Assessment and other channel enablers in April. Solution providers are turning to IoT more and more and continue to use our resources to help them succeed.

"We work hand-in-hand with our solution providers to deliver the tools they need to embrace IoT and help their customers transform their businesses," Galvanek added. "The traction we're seeing is a strong sign this strategy is paying off."

1 Separate agreement required.

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