Avotus Launches First-of-a-Kind Platform Unifying Telecom & Wireless Expense Management with Cloud & IT Asset Management

Wednesday, Nov 18, 2015

Avotus Corporation, the leading provider of Intelligent Communications Management (ICM) solutions, announces the launch of its pioneering IT Asset Management (ITAM) Robot solution. The Avotus ITAM Robot builds and monitors telecom and IT asset inventory. Real-time inventory is discovered, identified and matched against invoices and contracts then optimized in the Avotus Cloud Services platform. Online Analytical Processes (OLAP) are then used to create a true Configuration Management Database (CMDB) of all IT and telecom assets. The ITAM Robot technology is truly unique in its ability to associate the physical network layer (i.e. Ethernet, DSL, ISDN) with networking devices (i.e. routers, switches, PBX’s) in a single CMDB that links with Avotus’ award-winning Expense Management services to provide unmatched visibility and control of the database inventory and associated expenses.

“ITAM Robot mirrors the upgrade we had recently with our Enhanced Usage Reporting (EUR) 9.0 platform,” states Avotus CEO, James Martino. “ITAM Robot elevates our legacy EM platform to the industry leader. ITAM Robot allows us to solve some of the biggest challenges in expense management and asset management, including the ability to obtain, in a cost-effective manner, accurate and clean inventory of our customers’ telecom and IT assets. It’s a big year for Avotus, as we’ve focused our energies on providing the best products and services. We can say with confidence that we truly have the leading solutions in the industry.”

After the ITAM Robot solution has been deployed, it continues to monitor and update asset inventory on a real-time basis. The platform provides continued savings by improving business processes around invoices, contracts, order provisioning and cost allocations for all services connected to the physical network.

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