Cellcom Israel Announces Time Table for Change of Frequencies

Thursday, Jul 05, 2018

Cellcom Israel Ltd  announced today that following the Company's previous reports regarding a frequencies migration the Company shall be required to execute to accord to European standards, the Ministry of Communications, or MOC, notified the Company that its 850MHZ frequencies allocation shall expire on February 1, 2022 and replaced by 900MHZ frequencies no later than March 22, 2021. The method and schedule in which such replacement will be executed, including interim frequencies allocations as required, shall be formed separately. The MOC noted the Company may use an interim leniency to the Planning and Building Law, allowing, under certain conditions, replacement of cell sites without obtaining a building permit. The Company is examining the implications of the MOC's notification and possible courses of action.

For additional details see the Company's annual report the year ended December 31, 2017 on Form 20-F dated March 26, 2018 under "Item 3. Key Information – D. Risk factors – Risks related to our business - We operate in a heavily regulated industry, which can harm our results of operations, Regulation in Israel has materially adversely affected our results", "- We may not be able to obtain permits to construct and operate cell sites" and "-We may be adversely affected by significant technological and other changes in the telecommunications industry" and "Item 4. Information on the Company –B. Business Overview – Network and Infrastructure – Cellular Segment- Cellular Infrastructure - Spectrum allocation" and "- Government Regulation – Cellular Segment - Permits for Cell Site Construction".



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