Christian Broadcaster K-LOVE To Change Radio Stations In SLO County

Tuesday, Jul 19, 2016

Changes in the San Luis Obispo County radio scene continue as plans are underway to move the local broadcast of K-LOVE, contemporary Christian music, to KSLY-FM 96.1 from its current station KLVH-FM 88.5 in about two months.

Nonprofit Educational Media Foundation, which governs K-LOVE, is acquiring KSLY-FM 96.1 from El Dorado Broadcasters. The company is divesting all four of its local stations.

The transfer is pending approval from the Federal Communications Commission; the transfer was recently filed and the process typically takes about two months, said Joe Miller, vice president/signal development at Educational Media Foundation.

He expects K-LOVE moving to KSLY-FM 96.1 around the end of September or early October. The transition is expected to be seamless; there should be no time when K-LOVE is not on the air locally.

The new station offers a slightly better signal, Miller said. There will be no programming changes.

K-LOVE has been broadcasting in the area from KLVH-FM 88.5 for nearly 10 years, Miller said. It’s undecided what will happen to KLVH-FM 88.5 after the transfer.

K-LOVE broadcasts to about 250 radio stations around the country; its headquarters is in Rocklin, near Sacramento.


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