CNBC will broadcast interactive reactions to GOP debate

Thursday, Oct 29, 2015

During Wednesday night’s GOP debate, CNBC plans to broadcast interactive polling, which will give voters a chance to comment on the presidential candidates in real time.

Twitter reactions from viewers and influential people will stream across the network’s ticker and will have a live poll from viewers about how each candidate is performing.

The polling portal will track responses based on the respondents’ age, gender and political affiliation and will be accessible through a standalone URL, Users will be urged to visit the polling site onscreen during both the undercard debate, which begins at 6 p.m. EST, and the main debate, which begins at 8 p.m.

CNN did something similar during the Democratic debate earlier this year. Viewers who navigated to the CNN Facebook page were able to respond in real time to statements made by the candidates. More than 183,000 people participated in the live polling feature where they also were able to cast votes on who won the debate.

CNBC’s debate is expected to have more viewers than the first Democratic debate, but will have to compete with game 2 of the World Series. Unlike CNN’s, CNBC does not offer a free streaming option.

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