CSU Officially Launches Cougar Radio

Friday, Apr 22, 2016

There’s a new radio station on the air in the Chattahoochee Valley and a local radio station group is helping it get started.

The new CSU Cougar radio celebrated its grand opening today.

WCUG, 88.5FM can now be heard across the Chattahoochee Valley. It’s an idea that became reality thanks in part to local radio giant Jimbo Martin.

“It’s another good day in broadcasting.”

PMB Broadcasting President Jim Martin helped CSU officially launch its new Cougar Radio station 88.5FM.

He is excited about the prospect of CSU using its own content on air – like concerts from the school of music and play-by-play of sporting events.

Martin adds this new station is a great way to train new talent.

“It enables as broadcasters to have kids that are really excited about what they’re doing that are learning the profession and are getting in at any level.”

CSU first partnered with martin in 2012.

Eventually students created a radio program and the p-m-b radio group would broadcast it.

Cougar Radio technically went on the air July first – but on this day – CSU officiallly celebrated its launch and named the studio after Jimbo Martin.

CSU Communication Chair Danna Gibson says, “This radio station is a natural fit where we teach the courses and they understand the theory but they also have this venue now where they can actually practice what they’re learning in class.”

In the past four years – CSU’s communication department has more than doubled – going from roughly 200 to 500 students.

The partnership with Martin’s PMB stations is having a direct impact.

For these students many are not only learning on the job at this radio station – they are learning at other PMB stations and many are hired.

Gibson says, “Students are coming to us. They want to have that experience that they’re practicing what they’re learning but they’re also building a digital portfolio that is very enevitable that when they graduate- they walk into jobs.”

This radio station is an extension of the classroom and representatives tell us they hope it’s going to help continue their massive growth in the Communication Department.

While they are not selling ads – CSU is looking for sponsorships.


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