Ericsson eyes analytics deals from leading Indian telcos

Tuesday, Jun 12, 2018

Swedish telecom gear maker Ericsson is expecting to clinch a deal for its analytics and automation offering from a leading telecom operator, having begun a pilot in the country. It said that all leading telcos are actively looking to deploy these solutions, especially after the entry of Reliance Jio, to provide better services, and cut costs

“There is a high degree of interest coming from telecom operators. In fact, we are doing a pilot with one of the leading telecom providers in India. It is almost at a conclusion stage with very positive results,” Neeraj Vyas, Head of Digital Business Solutions, South East Asia, Oceania, and India at Ericsson, told ET.

The executive said that all telecom operators are looking for investment in this area as 4G adoption matures following Jio’s entry. “This is going to be critical not just to lower the cost of operations because everyone is cash-strapped but also improve the quality of customer experience. So, we would see a significant investment from all operators in this area,” he added.

Analysts say that telcos have been looking ways to bring the cost down of the network by better planning and optimisation, and they are now seeking to lower the cost of operations and want a lower cost in customer service.

“Analytics plays an important role in all these priorities to help both, deliver a better customer experience as well as lower the cost across operations, design, and planning, as well as customer care,” Vyas said.

Most of the operators already have certain analytics capabilities, but the executive said that those capabilities lack the real-time element. The executive said that analytics also comes handy for new services like Voice of LTE or VoLTE, as it would help telcos optimise the VoLTE performance, thereby improving the overall customer experience.

“VoLTE is a very complex service because the basic nature of voice calls and circuit switch vs packet switches is very different. In VoLTE, you will have soft drops, garbled calls, and muted calls. How would you determine that if it is an issue in core or radio, and how do you optimize and fine tune/ Analytics really comes in handy here,” the executive said.

Vyas said that the importance of analytics and automation will also increase in the 5G era, as the network complexities would multiply with the launch of various new services, including Internet of Things (IoT). “With the growing complexity of the network and with the advent of 5G, there is a renewed focus on analytics within Ericsson… we are extending our analytics strategy,” he added.

In this space, Ericsson is competing with the likes of Nokia, Huawei, and IBM.



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