Fujitsu and Sify to Collaborate on Providing Global ICT Solutions

Tuesday, Sep 01, 2015

Fujitsu Limited and Sify Technologies Limited today announced that they have signed an MOU agreeing to a strategic partnership to provide global ICT solutions. The two companies will engage in go-to-market collaboration to support global customers, initially starting with the North American market.

Fujitsu aims to complement its own capabilities in ICT solutions with Sify's strengths in application integration and systems integration, providing cost-competitive solutions and improved account penetration. For its part, Sify seeks to expand outside of India by collaborating with Fujitsu to pursue opportunities with large and mid-size businesses in global markets. The two companies will also discuss collaboration on the latest technologies for service platforms, including data centers, cloud computing and software-defined networks.

Hiroyuki Sakai, Executive Vice President and Head of Global Marketing, Fujitsu Limited, commented, "This is an important strategic initiative for Fujitsu, aimed at developing new customers and new solutions. This collaboration between Fujitsu and Sify will enable rapid and flexible delivery of solutions that respond with precision to customer needs."

Raju Vegesna, Chairman and Managing Director of Sify Technologies Limited, noted, "It is a matter of great pride that a company of Fujitsu's stature has chosen Sify as a strategic partner. For Sify, this is an important step in growing beyond our current Indian market base, and I can't imagine a better global partner than Fujitsu."

Robert Pryor, Senior Vice President and Head of Americas Region of Fujitsu Limited, added, "I am impressed with the energy, passion and commitment that Sify brings to the relationship. Their world-class capabilities, client-led approach and ability to relate well to our clients and prospective clients are strongly aligned with the Fujitsu customer-centric value system and our customers-for-life approach. They are very fast moving, highly adaptive and innovative - key qualities that make them an important addition to the team in the Americas and Fujitsu globally."

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