GoPro signs deal with Periscope app to broadcast action live

Wednesday, Jan 27, 2016

Skiers, paragliders, BMX racers and other adventurers can broadcast their action live from a GoPro to the world, thanks to a deal with broadcasting app Periscope.

Periscope turns an iOS and Android phone into a TV station. Whatever you say or show is streamed online to other Periscope users, either to the public-at-large or selected users.

Until now, the vision came from the phone’s camera.

But under a deal announced today, iPhone users can live broadcast action from a wirelessly-connected GoPro Hero4.

To achieve this, you connect the iPhone to the GoPro’s WiFi signal. When you open the Periscope app, they’ll be a new option for broadcasting from the GoPro Hero4 camera.

Streaming then takes place from the Hero4, through the phone and then to the internet via the phone’s 3G or 4G signal.

Periscope today said the partnership would “revolutionise how people all around the world can live stream their experiences”.

GoPro president Tony Bates said GoPro was now a real-time platform for sharing experiences.

“GoPro enables people to capture and share their experiences in the most immersive way possible, and the integration with Periscope provides GoPro users with a great, real-time platform to share their content,” he said.

The new GoPro live streaming experience also has the potential to turn a broadcaster into their own production unit.

Once live, users can double tap to switch camera views between the GoPro and iPhone. So there’s the possibility of a multiple-camera broadcast. For example, anyone could conduct an on-the-spot interview with cameras positioned to face both people.

Periscope said there was also a button that locks the phone screen, to prevent keys on the phone being pressed while it’s in the pocket.

There will be some limitations though. The Periscope-GoPro tie up for now is restricted to the iPhone, which is not waterproof. So you can’t live broadcast your surfing action unless the iPhone is an absolutely watertight case.

The situation would be different if an Android version of the update were to be available, as smartphones such as Sony Xperia offer waterproof operation.

Secondly, you’ll be depending on a good 3G or 4G data signal to stream from the phone. That is less likely to be available at ski runs, dirt tracks or remoter outdoor locations where many an adventure takes place.

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