MTI Wireless Edge Supports Riverbed Xirrus With Multi-band Antenna Solutions

Tuesday, Oct 09, 2018

Riverbed Technology®, The Digital Performance Company™, is implementing MTI Wireless Edge's antenna solutions to provide flexible Wi-Fi services to its customers.

"MTI is proud to be selected by Xirrus as their dual-band antenna supplier for their new ruggedized AP platform," said Dov Feiner, CEO & President, MTI Wireless Edge Ltd. "Following extensive testing Riverbed Xirrus selected two MTI solutions, which were the best fit. We are happy to support Xirrus by enabling reliable, flexible and wide coverage options for various applications."

Riverbed Xirrus leads the way in delivering high-performance wireless networks for enterprises working to keep up with the ever growing demand for mobile connectivity. Their solutions provide consistent, 'wired-like' performance, plus superior coverage and security, to meet any customer's requirements-from single small offices to global, multi-site enterprise networks.

"MTI Wireless Edge's antenna solutions were chosen to be part of our new outdoor AP offering," said Bruce Miller, Vice President Product Marketing for Riverbed Xirrus. "These solutions enable us to give superior growth and flexibility to our customers."

Key highlights of the Riverbed Xirrus product family include:

  • Software-defined radios operating in either the 2.4GHz or 5GHz bands for increased capacity per AP, resulting in greater flexibility to match infrastructure to Wi-Fi user mix.
  • Integrated controller functionality in every AP eliminating additional appliances from the deployment, thereby reducing costs and improving system scale with no single point of failure.
  • Integrated application intelligence in each AP identifies and controls over 2000 applications with an integrated DPI engine to match Wi-Fi infrastructure policy to the business-specific needs of the customer.
  • Full cloud management provisioning enables faster and easier deployment and operations with plug-and-play zero-touch provisioning, so no IT expertise is required on site for installation.



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