Nine-year-old launches Plymouth's brand new radio station - Red House Radio

Wednesday, Feb 17, 2016

Gone are the days families would sit around the kitchen radio waiting for the latest news bulletin, tapping it when signal temporally disappeared and telling the younger family members to hush. But proving the little box is still a vital part of communication is Red House Radio. EMILY SMITH took to the airwaves for the stations first live broadcast

Nine-year-old Ewa Davies taps the mic and welcomes listeners to her brand new show and the first live broadcast from Red House Radio.

Situated in the new Plymouth School of Creative Arts, the community radio station has been running since last summer and is shaping the way local audiences think about communicating.

Already used by Plymouth City Council, Plymouth Raiders and students of the school - Red House Radio is making a very big noise from a big red building.

"This is our first show going out live this evening and we're very excited!" says Mark Tam, as he co-presents the show with Ewa.

Mark has worked on one of Plymouth's biggest music festivals, as well presenting his own show on popular Plymouth-based station eatmusic for two years. He's excited to get the younger generation involved with Red House Radio and presenting with his god-daughter, Ewa, is a great experience for the both of them.

He says: "Radio is so important to the city and getting young people in is brilliant - Ewa has been brilliant and I hope more young people can come and get involved.

"Red House Radio is such a valuable resource to Plymouth and it's great to be situated in the new creative arts school.

"Anyone can be a radio presenter - it's just a case of coming down and having a chat and young people are brilliant at that."

The station is being managed by Ali Steen, who works for works for the digital strategies department at Plymouth School of Creative Arts, as well as previously running eatmusic.

Ali decided to launch the station after discovering a number of the teachers working in the school had previous radio experience.

Ali says: "We thought we would develop a community radio station that could be used for various city projects.

"Lots of different community groups have been coming in and doing stuff which is great. We had Brett from The Apprentice come in the other day and do interviews with some of the students here. That kind of stuff happens all the time in here."

eatmusic are also using the studio space to broadcast their own shows. Mark and Ewa's show is the first to be broadcast live from the studio. Ali wants to encourage more young people to get involved and give it a go.

"It can be daunting having kids live on the air but Ewa has been great!" Ali smiles.

"I think radio listening has changed a lot. It's believed that radio listeners are the older generation but we want to change that idea. We are looking at how people perceive social media generally.

"eatmusic do a lot of coverage direct from events so we are hoping to do more of that with Red House Radio. We can provide extensive coverage when we turn up at a festival, or something like MTV Crashes - we want to get young people involved with that.

"Anyone can be on the radio and that's the great thing about it. It's also a really useful medium - you just need voices."

Listen in live at 5pm every Thursday and hear Ewa and Mark discussing local music, best places to get a roast and a heap of good tunes. You can tune in here

Meet Plymouth newest radio DJ, nine-year-old Ewa Davies

Ewa is a natural on the mic, joking with Mark and discussing her day at school as well as attending festivals to watch her dad's band. She loves presenting her own show.

"Everyone in my school think it's really cool. I like doing it a lot," she smiles.

"We did a practise run and I think that sounded really good so I'm excited to finally be on the first live show."

The Hooe Primary School pupil loves listening to Radio 1 and Greg James' show in particular - a fan of music herself, a radio studio is the perfect place for the enthusiastic DJ.

She says: "Sometimes we will play old songs on the show and then we might play some up to date pop songs - I choose all the music. My favourite band is Feist.

"My dad is in a band called Sheelangig and I go and watch them when I can. I went to Womad last year to watch him which was really cool. I'm learning to play the guitar at the moment and I'm driving my mum mad by playing Twinkle Twinkle on the piano!"


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