On Air: Turkish Roma Community Broadcasts on Radio Romani Vast

Monday, Feb 15, 2016

Culturally resplendent and famous for their lore and laurels, the Roma Community of Mersin is at the outset of launching a radio channel of their own by the name—“Romani Vast”. The channel’s name can be directly translated to “A strong Romani hand of support”.

This move was made with the intention of preserving their culture and resuscitating their language which seems to have slipped into the realm of obsoleteness.

In conference with Anadolu Agency (AA), Ali Daylam, who’s the Head of the Federation of Mediterranean Roma Associations and member of Turkey’s Roma Community European Council, revealed the ideology behind the launch of the radio channel.

He said, “Our community has been initiating various projects and organizing various events to revive their language, which is not spoken by many people today. This is one of our many endeavors.”

For a wider accessibility to the radio programs, the channel will broadcast on the web and reach quite a spread of listeners. The online broadcast will happen in the Romani language, natively spoken by the community.

The radio station has been completely constructed and test broadcasts runs have begun.


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