Steve Penk To Launch Tourette’s Radio Station

Friday, Apr 01, 2016

Tourette’s Radio will be a live uncensored 24 hour radio station, broadcasting online.

Steve says the inspiration for the station came from a BBC documentary which aired a few years ago about a group of people with Tourette’s.

“Although Tourette’s has a very serious side, I found the characters in the documentary absolutely compelling, and if I’m absolutely honest, it was one of the funniest programmes I’ve seen on television in years,” he told RadioToday.

“A sudden uncontrollable outburst of abuse and swearing during a normal conversation is without question riveting. I’m a creative, I’m an ideas person and this new radio station will be unlike anything else anybody has ever heard on the radio before. Tourette’s Radio is a brand new Internet radio station, a radio station where all the presenters, including the newsreader and weather person suffer with Tourette’s.”

He predicts that Tourette’s Radio will become one of the biggest radio stations in the world, saying: “Everyone will want to listen, everyone will be talking about it, it will be unlike any other radio station in the history of broadcasting.”

The station will only broadcast online and will not be subjected to regulation from Ofcom, meaning any random swear words will be required to be bleeped out.

Steve goes on to say: “Tourette’s Radio as well as being extremely entertaining will also have very serious side. My brother Brian has suffered with Tourette’s for many years and I know how awkward, frustrating and often embarrassing it can be for families with a Tourette’s sufferer, so this is a subject that is dear to my heart and needs more public awareness.

“Many conditions are often not given the public profile they should, and my hope is that Tourette’s Radio will raise much needed awareness of this condition that many families live with every single day. Tourette’s is nothing to be ashamed of, embarrassed about or scared of.

“Tourette’s Radio will be fun, it’s not taking the micky out of people who suffer with Tourette’s, it’s about raising much needed awareness as well as creating a unique, compelling radio station. This is a hugely exciting project for me” says Penk, “I’ve heard the test broadcasts and it’s the best radio you will ever hear, you won’t be able to stop listening, it’s absolutely compelling radio at its best, listeners will be constantly entertained.”

Tourette’s Radio launches soon.


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