Tata Comm Signs Deals To Enable Live Broadcast Of Content

Wednesday, Apr 20, 2016

Using media ecosystem, Tata Communications is helping traditional broadcasters and new age content platforms deliver content seamlessly and without any lag. The firm announced it was working with ATN Canada, Canada's largest South Asian Broadcaster, and Irish TV, Ireland's first international TV channel, to deliver content simultaneously across the globe through over-the-top (OTT) platforms.

Tata Comm says it will enable both these broadcasters deliver their content to viewers through its media ecosystem in such a way that consumers can view the content, being broadcast live on their devices without a lag. Both legacy content companies as well as new media entities are looking at delivering traditional and new forms of content through such platforms. This helps create new markets for existing content in a cost effective way.

Explains Brian Morris, vice-president global media and entertainment services, said: "Now, content companies are looking at moving to cloud-based solution to reduce capital expenditure. This option also gives them flexibility."

Tata Comm expects its media and entertainment business to grow at compound annual growth rate of 40 per cent through 2017-2018 with the help of its rapidly expanding customer portfolio.

Tata Communications runs and operates one of the largest submarine cable network in the world and has a cloud based ecosystem that allows delivery of content that is of broadcast quality. So Tata Communications takes the content and redistributes to cable, OTT and DTH at the same time. The live OTT market is growing rapidly, driven by people's hunger to consume content of their choice at their own leisure on any device. Yet, to-date the time lag with OTT content delivery has prevented its widespread use with live events - for example: the live IPL matches are always one whole over behind on apps or live streaming services than they are on live television. To overcome this issue, Tata Communications leverages its global IP network enabling media companies to deliver live OTT content without any delay.

The Tata Communications Media Ecosystem combines traditional video contribution services with IP-based connectivity to create a flexible and innovative global media platform. The ecosystem enables seamless global transport and management of content as a cloud-based managed service and supports global media distribution requirements, OTT and mobility applications. Explains Pierce O'Reilly, Founder and CEO, Irish TV. "We needed a global network that was flexible, reliable and would deliver a seamless, high-quality experience to our audiences. We're excited to partner with Tata Communications to launch this new distribution capability and open up greater possibilities to the services we can provide in the future."


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