Tata Communications enters Brazil

Tuesday, Nov 14, 2017

Tata Communications has expanded its operations to Brazil, connecting Latin America’s largest economy with financial capitals such as New York, London, Mumbai and Singapore. The provider of network, cloud and security services said by linking the submarine cable network-new Seabras-1 with its network, it will help support the economic growth of Brazil and the rest of Latin America.

Seabras-1 lands at Tata Communications’ Wall, NJ subsea cable landing station, avoiding the heavily-congested routes around Miami, FL, and making it the most direct link between the financial hubs of New York City and São Paulo, said the Tata company in a statement.

The firm added that expanding into Latin America is part of its global growth strategy.’ It builds on the company’s 15 years of experience of enabling multinational enterprises to overcome the technological barriers of operating successfully across both developed markets and high-growth emerging economies, said the network provider’s statement.

Brazil is the ninth largest IT market in the world and the largest in Latin America. IT investments in the country are expected to grow by 6.7% this year – twice the rate of global growth.

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