TDS Telecom expands gigabit footprint

Tuesday, Dec 29, 2015

In May of last year TDS Telecom became the latest company to throw its hat into the 1 Gbps broadband ring, offering 1 Gbps speeds for $100 a month to residents of Hollis, New Hampshire and London, New Hampshire. The company then expanded the one gigabit effort further into portions of Tennessee and Wisconsin and Indianapolis.

Speaking on its recent earnings call, TDS stated the company now offers fiber to the home in 22 markets, or around 20% of the company's total footprint. The company promises they'll deliver the ultra-fast offering to about 25% of the company's footprint in early 2016.
The company last week also quietly announced that it would be launching gigabit broadband and IPTV service in several additional communities in New Hampshire starting in early 2016.

As part of the gigabit and TV deployment, TDS is promoting something called "Fiberville," which provides locals with special offers and discounts once 15 percent of the neighborhood pre-registers for TDS TV service. Once a community achieves "Fiberville" status, all of the pre-registered households receive free HD for life and free installation.

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