Time Warner Cable to require new equipment

Wednesday, Feb 03, 2016

Time Warner Cable customers will have to purchase new equipment as the company makes plans to increase its internet speeds with "all-digital services" — TWC Maxx.

The company has always required digital package subscribers to have a set-top box, however, if a customer is connecting cable directly from a wire in the wall to the TV, they will soon have to get a digital adapter for each TV to continue video services.

Each adapter needed will cost $3.25 per month.

The first year is free for the new services, but then the company will begin charging $3.25 per adapter, or $39 per year for one.

An adapter will be needed for all TVs that do not have a set-top box for a digital package.

According to TWC Spokesperson Nathalie Burgos, the timing for the local launch of TWC Maxx requiring the new adapters is not yet finalized.

However, Central New York customers say they've already been encouraged to make the move when calling TWC for other purposes.

TWC Maxx is up and running in New York City and the Hudson Valley is next, according to Burgos.

NewsChannel 9 asked Loretto how additional charges for cable equipment could affect services it provides to residents.

Loretto is currently evaluating the full impact these added costs will have on some of its residences.  

For more information on how to use the company's app to avoid the use of a digital adapter and streaming TV from another device such as an XBOX 360 or a Kindle Fire HDX, visit this site.

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