TV Channels Permitted To Broadcast In India Falls To 886

Tuesday, Aug 09, 2016

The number of private satellite television channels permitted to broadcast in India has fallen to 886, from 892 in June.

In July, there were more TV channel licences cancelled than those who won new licences. The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (MIB) cancelled 10 TV channel licences while granting four new ones.

There are, thus, 399 permitted news and current affairs channels, down from 403 in June. The number of non-news channels has dropped to 487 compared to 489 a month ago.

Compared to July, the month of June had only one TV channel licence revoked. The last time the big change happened was in March when the number of TV channel licences cancelled grew to 138 from 126 in February 2016.

The MIB has so far cancelled permission of 149 TV channels, up from 139 in June.

The total number of permissions granted to private satellite TV channels has increased to 1,035, as on 31 July. But after the cancellation of 149 channels, the total count of TV stations having valid permission is 886. These include 487 non-news and current affairs channels and 399 news and current affairs channels.

The MIB has permitted 768 channels to uplink as well as downlink from India, up from 776 a month ago. This includes 391 non-news channels (earlier 395) and 377 news channels (earlier 381).

So far, 22 TV channels have been given uplinking permission from India but not downlinking in India, which is two more than in June. This number includes 15 non-news channels (earlier 13) and seven news channels.

The MIB has permitted 96 TV channels to only downlink into India. This has remained same since April and one more than in March end. Eighty-one of these are in the non-news category, while the rest are in the news genre.


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