Twitch introduces Live Screen Streaming app with Sony to broadcast mobile games on Xperia

Wednesday, Jul 08, 2015

Live streaming video platform Twitch has launched an Android app in partnership with Sony.

This app will be used for broadcasting their mobile gameplay on its video platform. However, the app only works with a few Xperia devices at present.

According to, the app will be available for Sony’s Xperia Z3+, Z4 and Z4v phones as well the Z4 Tablet. The app is named Live Screen Streaming allows the4 users to share in-game footage from any title straight to Twitch or YouTube.

The users can also use it to stream any other apps or activity from their device’s screen.

The on-screen overlay shows the users how many people are watching their stream and commenting on it.

In addition, there is an option for the users to save their footage to their device instead of broadcasting right away.

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