UFC, Fuji TV Partner To Broadcast 'UFC TIME'

Wednesday, Aug 10, 2016

UFC and Fuji TV have announced a new partnership to broadcast “UFC TIME”, a monthly, one-hour show with information, news and highlights about UFC. As Japan’s leading terrestrial broadcaster, Fuji TV will feature the show as part of its “FUJIYAMA FIGHT CLUB” program.

The new program features UFC content designed to introduce the world’s fastest growing sport to the broader Japanese audience and also give fight fans more access to content with highlights of all the months preceding events. The show will also include educational segments highlighting how the global brand has helped establish mixed martial arts and built it into a mainstream sport.
“UFC has always had a strong following in Japan, and as the brand rapidly grows in popularity in Asia we want to make it easier for new audiences to discover the sport. This program will give those audiences a glimpse into some of the best content that the UFC has to offer. We are very happy to be able to work with leading terrestrial broadcaster, Fuji TV to create this special program,” UFC Asia Executive Vice President and General Manager Kenneth Berger said.
“We are going to broadcast fights and information on UFC, the most exciting MMA organization in the world,” Fuji TV Producer Taro Nakamura said. “UFC holds the largest MMA events with the most advanced sound and lighting technology. We are going to explore UFC and why people around the world are excited about it. In addition, An Nakamura, the famous model and TV talent, will serve as a reporter for UFC TIME to bring UFC to our audience. We are excited to show the program.”

Other highlights within the program include in-depth profiles of top Japanese UFC athletes, as they take audiences into gyms and training camps while preparing to compete in the worlds’ most competitive promotion. In addition, the program will feature a “Fight of The Month”, replaying the best fight from events around the world that month.


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