UK interactive gambling company NetPlay TV to extend partnership with commercial broadcaster Channel 5

Thursday, Apr 09, 2015

UK-based interactive gambling company NetPlay TV has opted to extend its partnership with UK commercial broadcaster Channel 5 until the end of 2018.

Under the agreement, NetPlay TV will benefit from pre-midnight advertising, in addition to its existing post-midnight teleshopping airtime.

The deal also make provisions for new brands and show formats, which NetPlay TV said would help further its product offering and brand awareness.

NetPlay TV’s SuperCasino brand has featured on Channel 5 every night since September 2009, producing more than 70 hours of live television each month.

“Six years on we are pleased to be in a position to enter into a new agreement with NetPlay taking the partnership to the end of 2018,” Channel 5’s deputy commercial director Agostino Di Falco said.

“We are particularly encouraged by NetPlay's desire to take full advantage of its airtime through the development of new show formats which will create further value for the partnership.”

Bjarke Larsen, chief executive of NetPlay TV, added: “TV is at the core of our marketing strategy, and continues to be an important and unique source of customer acquisition for the group.

“The strengthened deal and relationship with Channel 5 creates an effective platform from which we can increase the reach of our brands.

“It is our intention to develop new show formats for brands under the NetPlay umbrella, which will continue the trajectory of our brand awareness and broaden their appeal.

“NetPlay's relationship with Channel 5 continues to strengthen, and we look forward to the continuation of this relationship and driving growth for shareholders.”

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