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Actus broadcast monitoring and logging system has been deployed by Cignal TV in the Philippines

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Actus Digital announced today that Cignal TV has deployed Actus broadcast monitoring and media intelligent platform for TOA recording of MCR TV channels.  Actus provides Cignal TV a broadcast recording solution as well as a system to support the marketing requirements. The recorded TV contents are available for simultaneous users, for clips viewing, clips creation and quality assurance.

"With Actus recording and logging system, time consuming processes became immediate and efficient for all concerned teams. The recorded contents are readily available 24 x 7 for review, clip creation and can be exported immediately when needed by our Channels and Marketing Team", says Gilbert D. Tan, TOC Supervisor of Cignal TV. Actus View robust system enables users with permissions to easily access the recorded contents with a user-friendly interface using Web Browsers. This solution was aimed on building trust and confidence with Advertisers that Cignal TV is only delivering competitive and high-quality broadcast contents to its viewers.

"Actus View is not only a reliable and cost effective solution for recording TV channels, but also provides other integrated added values such as exporting clips, competitive monitoring and more', said Raphael Renous, Actus CTO.  "We are very happy that Cignal TV has chosen Actus media monitoring platform for its recording requirements. It proves us once again that the broadcast industry trusts Actus solution as a critical 24 x 7 recording system, making sure no media will be lost."

Cignal TV awarded TechTwist Corporation the contract to deploy the Actus View solution for Broadcast Recording and Media Monitoring. The Actus team worked closely with TechTwist Corporation to design a winning workflow. "We were selected as a team together with Actus Digital because of the advanced capabilities, effectiveness, and reliability our systems have," said Peter Olase, CEO, TechTwist Corporation. "Together, the system installation and implementation was fast and efficient."

About Cignal TV
Launched in 2009, Cignal is the Philippines' premier DTH satellite provider using Broadcast Satellite Technology. Cignal TV broadcast premium TV content to both households and establishments nationwide. Cignal transmits 105 SD and 29 HD channels, including free-to-air and a varied mix of 12 audio channels. Cignal TV also offers on-demand viewing via Pay-Per-View subscription offers, as well as online streaming via a Front Seat website and app.

As of 2015, Cignal TV has gained over 1,180,000 subscribers, making it the most subscribed Pay-TV provider in the Philippines!

About TechTwist Corporation
TechTwist aims to become the market leader in delivering technology advancements in its various platforms to customers in the Philippines and eventually other parts of the world. The goal of the company is to provide solutions to their clients that will help maximize operations efficiency and reap long-term benefits. TechTwist strives to achieve this by offering state-of-the-art technology, innovation, leadership and partnership.

About Actus Digital
Actus Digital ( is a leading provider of enterprise media intelligence platform, for broadcast monitoring and compliance logging. Actus solutions are designed for broadcasters, networks, cable and IPTV operators, and governments.

Actus platform is a cost effective compliance solution that complies with all regulators requirements, such as closed caption and loudness. It also provides a solution for content repurposing for the Web, social media, VOD, OTT and Catchup TV as well as automatic ads tracking for competitive analysis and ads verification. Actus Alert Center provides audio and video alerts to assure high quality content.

Actus Digital would like to invite you to our booth in BCA (5-A5-12) and present you our broadcast recording and monitoring platform for compliance recording, clips creation for Web, social media, VOD, OTT and Catchup TV, for rating and competitive analysis, for automatic ads detection and for real time alerts on audio and video issues.

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