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Adaptive Ad Systems technology upgrade increases ad revenue and network capacity for Cable TV Digital Ad Insertion Systems

Tuesday, Jun 14, 2016

Adaptive Ad Systems Inc., a leader in Digital Video Ad Insertion Technology, announced today that its wholly owned subsidiary, Ad Systems Inc., has completed a multi-system upgrade it began in January.  System wide deployment of its newest proprietary technology can effectively double the number of Cable TV channels available for ad insertion to increase overall revenue.

Ad Systems Inc., working with cable, telco and video providers of all sizes, provides installed equipment and local, regional and national advertising and advertising management services for local system sales.  Revenue from 30 and 60 second ad sales run locally on top tier Cable TV Networks  such as ESPN, TNT, TBS, and  40+ others.

"Creating new video advertising real estate was the goal of this upgrade," explained  J. Michael Heil, Chairman and CEO of Adaptive Ad Systems  Inc.  "Delivering new and under-utilized markets, as well as consumer audiences hungry for local and regional advertising opportunities has always been our strength.  We're glad to see substantial incremental revenue for both our video partners and shareholders and pleased with the deployment and success of our newest operating system."

Dustin Carlson, President of Ad Systems Inc., is excited by the new opportunities: "This is just the tip of the iceberg. We have identified a totally untapped market opportunity which may impact advertising to tens of millions of viewers with our technological and operating advances.  Our growth has been steady for several years, but the upgrade provides a fast track to our goal of increased long term contracts in cable TV systems in all available venues and markets."

About Adaptive Ad Systems Inc.

Adaptive Ad Systems Inc. is a provider of video ad insertion technology and digital video systems for video streaming services for cable, fiber, satellite and IP delivery. The company's in-house Ad Agency sells across all video platforms.  For additional information, please visit:

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