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Atlanta North Studios Sound Stage launches New Green Screen Studio with Full Light Grid Ready

Wednesday, Feb 04, 2015

Atlanta North Studios is the newest Green Screen Sound Stage and White Screen Sound stage in North Atlanta. The goal was to create a studio that has a full light grid ready for producers and filmmakers to walk in and start shooting. Located off GA 400 at exit 12, Atlanta North was built to serve North Atlanta producers with a sound stage studio that is reasonably priced and ready to roll with minimal setup. The studio includes a full light package, grip gear, makeup, green room and has full 12' garage access.

"The first thing people say when they walk in is WOW! We would not have expected quality of studio in this part of town," said Steve Sanford, CEO of W3BG Web Group owner of Atlanta North Studios, "We have put a lot of time and energy to building a studio that not only met our own production needs, but we're excited that other producers can use our excess capacity fill a much needed shortage of green screen and white screen affordable studio space for commercial and industrial video productions." Most producers right away notice that our green screen is "Rosco" green and provides outstanding full length keys. The stage is 20'x17'x12' and is large enough for full body shots.

There are plenty of really great studios in Atlanta, but most are booked due to high demand related to the booming film and TV industry in Georgia. Atlanta North Studios creates a space that producers and can easily access to create high quality green screen projects with minimal setup time and eliminates the hassles of lighting large cyc walls. Flip and switch and you are ready to shoot.

The studio is pre-lit at 5400K and comes with an onsite studio manager to ensure you have a great experience.



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