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Beijing Again Takes Over U.S. Television As City Set To Host 2022 Winter Olympics

Friday, Jul 31, 2015

A brand new episode of the ABC 7's successful television series, "Discover Beijing: A Modern City with an Imperial Past," by Cimagine Media Group returned last Saturday, allowing U.S. viewers to discover the global transformation of the Chinese political and cultural capital-Beijing. "A Modern City on the Rise," the fourth episode that follows on the break out success of the previous three, comes as Beijing today won the bid to host the 2022 Winter Olympic Games across three clusters over 100 miles.

"Discover Beijing IV" captures the changes and growth that have taken place in Beijing in recent years and now prepares this city to again host a mega sporting event. It was broadcast on Saturday July 25th at 7:00 p.m. on ABC Channel 7. It was the highest rated show on Saturday in the timeslot.

The latest episode focuses on the rise of Beijing as a globally competitive hub for the economy, education and sports, as well as a melting pot of eastern and western traditions. Through the eyes of Westerners living in Beijing, viewers discovered various aspects of this metropolis.  Nina Lee, a Chinese American student, excitedly talked about her experience learning Chinese-challenging but rewarding; Olivia Ryan, an American exchange student studying at Beijing University, was deeply impressed by the beautiful Chinese culture, and emphasized the importance of cultural exchange between Chinese and Americans; Stephon Marbury, former MBA All Star and current member of the Beijing Ducks, shared his experience moving from New York to Beijing, to which he referred as his new home; Jimmy Sides, an international entrepreneur, was attracted to the vast business opportunities in Beijing, and determined to fulfill a new form of "American Dream" there.

In the last few decades, Beijing has raced towards the future at a breakneck speed, and transformed into one of the most modern, dynamic and global cities in the world. "Beijing is in the centre of international exchange," says Hong Cheng, Deputy Mayor of Beijing, "Every year there are many international meetings of great influence that have been held in Beijing."

After virtually exploring Beijing through this episode, U.S. viewers expressed great interests in this city.

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