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CenterMind Enhanced to Provide End-to-End Connectivity Management for Complex and Dynamic Networks

Thursday, Jul 16, 2015

RiT Technologies, a leading provider of IIM and structured cabling solutions and a developer of an innovative optical wireless technology solution (BeamCaster) announced today that CenterMind™, the software that provides real time visibility and control of the entire IT network, has been enhanced to provide end-to-end connectivity management for complex and dynamic networks. These new capabilities comply with the latest AIM (Automated Infrastructure Management) standard in order to improve change management, increase data center agility, optimize capacity, reduce downtime, enforce best-practice policies and reduce operational costs.

The CenterMind enhancements provide network operators with a comprehensive view of the complete end-to-end network infrastructure for stackable switches, virtual switching systems, and fabric extenders.   Whenever moves, adds or changes are required, automatic work orders are generated and sent to a technician's mobile devices that specify the location and address of each component in the network including switch, chassis, servers and panels.   This detailed connectivity map facilitates the rapid execution of moves, adds, and changes with full information requirements to minimize errors and delays. In addition, the comprehensive connectivity map enables rapid deployment of multiple technologies utilizing industry best practices for planning, engineering and placement optimization.

This granular level of network documentation also enables datacenter managers to quickly detect points of failure, prevent downtime and identify underutilized equipment. The system is flexible and can be easily adjusted to accommodate an individual organization's information needs.

The new CenterMind Solution has already been successfully deployed at a global investment bank, and international research institute. All information provided and naming conventions comply with the latest AIM standard.

According to Kobi Haggay, RiT's Vice President of Products, "Our enhanced CenterMind Solution helps IT managers perform change management on virtual networks by taking the guess work out of troubleshooting, maintenance, decommissioning and executing new deployments. In addition to introducing new resource efficiencies, connectivity management is critical for organizations to address the challenges of dynamic virtual environments."

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RiT Technologies (NASDAQ:RITT), is a leading provider of IIM and structured cabling solutions and a developer of an innovative optical wireless technology solution. The RiT IIM products provide network utilization for data centers, communication rooms and work space environments. They help companies plan and provision, monitor and troubleshoot their communications networks, maximizing utilization, reliability and physical security of the network while minimizing unplanned downtime. The RiT solutions are deployed around the world, in a broad range of organizations, including data centers in corporate organizations, government agencies, financial institutions, airport authorities, healthcare and education institutions and more. Our BeamCaster™ product is an innovative optical wireless networking technology solutions, designed to help customers streamline deployment, reduce infrastructure design, installation and maintenance complexity and enhance security in a cost effective way. RiT's shares are traded on the NASDAQ Capital Market under the symbol RITT. For more information, please visit:

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