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Full HD, Low Latency Video Over IP Encoder & Decoder Set

Thursday, Nov 24, 2016

Antrica, a worldwide supplier of H.264 video encoding and streaming solutions, unveiled the application of the ANT-6000 Encoder & Decoder in live streaming scenarios.

The application of the ANT 6000 E & D set up could be in broadcast or live events - where the ANT-6000 encoder can be connected to a live camera, and a decoder connected to a monitor or screen elsewhere. The encoder and decoder together create a 'real time' experience of both video and audio with very low latency (lag time). Not all encoders and decoders are capable of this - therefore hence why the ANT-6000 E&D are a handy product to know about.

The ANT-6000 encoder can accept HD-SDI HDMI DVI-D and VGA signal inputs up to 1920 x 1080 at 60Hz or 60 frames/second and stream out over a LAN in RTSP or MPEG-TS formats. Digital signage display decoders that can decode live streams can display the content together with pre-recorded files. If low latency is required, then the ANT-6000 decoder would need to be used with this encoder.

If you wish to display video on a standard monitor, TV or screen Antrica produce a complimentary Decoder in the event customers require a Low Latency HDMI to HDMI or SDI to HDMI link over IP. The ANT-6000 can be powered from a 12v supply or via PoE. Using the latest H264 codecs the ANT-6000 uses data rates from 100Kbits/second up to 25 Mbits/second for blue ray quality streams. The latency can be as low as appx 100m/s.

Antrica specialises in the supply and production of low cost high quality Encoders decoders and IP cameras for use in a variety of markets. Based in the UK Antrica provides readily available stock with full technical support for system designers.

The ANT-6000 is available for purchase from Antrica, and is available now - please contact to discuss your specific requirements.

About Antrica

Antrica is a UK company Manufacturing and selling a range of video over IP solutions, mainly encoders and decoders for CCTV Broadcast Signage AV and Medical markets. Video encoding at full HD 1080P60 and streaming over any LAN or WAN. Antrica has been in business for 15 years and rapidly growing as a technology supplier.

Les Litwin Sales Director

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