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37Games And Yangcheng Evening News Co-founded Online Interactive Entertainment Market Talk Show Studio

Thursday, Jun 30, 2016

On June 3rd, the Online Interactive Entertainment Market Talk Show Studio co-founded by 37Games and Yangcheng Evening News broadcast its first show. The studio is to provide a communication platform within the interactive entertainment industry and bridge the gap between the industry and consumers, inviting experts, scholars and experienced practitioners to the talk show to discuss diverse topics related to entertainment. The studio is a joint effort of the two companies to stimulate the development of the entertainment industry in an innovative way.

Ms. Lu Xiaokun, legal representative and executive director of the Guangdong Game Industry Association, appreciated the move and said,"The entertainment market in China is new and has huge potential. Our government encourages cross-border cooperation as a way to stimulate further economic development. With all these innovative moves and attempts, the future of the entertainment market will be bright."

37Games has already foresighted this trend. It began broadening its business scope several years ago, and keeps seeking strategic partners in various industries. Meanwhile, to keep the company innovative, 37Games pays special attention to its talent pool. The company set up a venture fund of RMB 700 million, investing in innovative browser and mobile game developers. The fund is mainly open to start-up studios. Along with capital, the fund will also offer technical support and other various resources to these studios.

37Games' CTO Zhu Huaimin expressed his expectations in the opening speech. He said that 37Games is a company with quality products, rich experience, and extensive networking in the gaming industry. Therefore, he hoped the studio built up together with Yangcheng Evening News can make good use of those resources to create an active atmosphere and inspire companies and future innovation within the entertainment industry.

Wang Linglai, a representative of Yangcheng Evening News, acknowledged the cooperation and said,"The crossover attempt of 37Games and Yangcheng Evening News is a meaningful step forward. The two companies will benefit from each other's strengths and the cooperation will bring numerous future possibilities."

37Games and Yangcheng Evening News will provide their experience and resources in their individual fields, making talk shows with "informative content" as is said in the first show. Through a variety of talk shows, audiences will get access to the latest market news and have a deeper understanding of the interactive entertainment industry.

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