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GeoTraq receives GSMA Approval and IMEI Number Allocation

Thursday, May 07, 2015

GeoTraq, Inc., a development stage company focused on developing next-generation wireless location technology, announced the approval and allocation of 1,000,000 unique IMEI numbers by the GSM Association (GSMA). IMEI numbers are unique to every GSM mobile device present in the world. They are encoded into the cellular modules that power mobile devices. No mobile device can register on a GSM cellular network without a unique IMEI number. The bank of IMEI numbers will be assigned to the first million Cell-ID modules manufactured by GeoTraq.

"This is a huge milestone for GeoTraq," said Gregg Sullivan, CEO of GeoTraq. "Our new G-200 2G Quad-Band Cell-ID Module will be capable of registering on over 1,200 cellular carriers throughout the world allowing it to be located practically anywhere."

The G-200 2G GSM Quad-Band Cell-ID Module is the first in a new generation of cellular transceiver modules that will allow wireless device integrators to design and manufacture Cell-ID enabled location products for the commercial, industrial and consumer markets.

About GeoTraq, Inc.

GeoTraq Inc. is a technology provider established to manufacture and sell cellular transceiver modules and associated services specifically enabled by Cell-ID with all its inherent advantages over GPS and RFID to provide solutions for the tracking, asset recovery and location based industries. For further information please visit the Company's website at

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