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Hollywood Production Company, Showreel, Is Now "Shot Glass Films"

Thursday, Jun 30, 2016

Hollywood based production company, Showreel International, Inc. has re-launched as Shot Glass Films. Canadian filmmaker, Jessica Manherz, has been named Managing Partner, and the company's award-winning Director, Eric Jackson, remains as partner and lead creative force.

"The switch to Shot Glass Films does not mean we are a different company.  It simply means we are evolving," said Jessica Manherz. "As the landscape changes, so do the communication needs of our clients. We've developed new skills, both on the creative and production side, to help our clients connect more effectively with consumers. Now it's time to show the world what we do."

With an impressive roster of work, the 31-year-old production company has mastered creating visually-stunning spots that convey relatable and compelling stories. "We've produced a lot of amazing work throughout the years, but it's our ability to tell a persuasive story through strong visuals that sets us apart," Eric Jackson commented. He added, "A strong campaign should leave a lasting impression on its audience long after they've watched it, stirring their emotions and speaking to the heart.  Story is what connects consumers with people, products, services, and causes."

Shot Glass Films will continue to bring story to its commercial and branded content clients and partnerships. Jessica Manherz adds, "Engaging consumers is our area of expertise, so it makes sense that commercial and branded content is the best place for us to show off our skills."

Starting Shot Glass Films off strong, they have already partnered with CO2 Solutions and TITLE Boxing to create some high-quality branded spots.  Stay tuned for these latest productions, which are due to be released late summer 2016.  They will be available to view at

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About Shot Glass Films
Shot Glass Films is an award-winning video production company incorporated as Showreel International, Inc. on June 14, 1985 in California.  Based in Hollywood, Shot Glass provides film and video production services across the United States. The company specializes in commercials, branded content, and corporate video.  They have received industry recognition including an Emmy nomination, two Cine Golden Eagles, dozens of Tellys, and a 2016 ADDY.  Website:

Contact: Joanna Gamez
Phone: (323) 464-5111


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