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Cable TV of East Alabama Selects ARRIS E6000™ Converged Edge Router to Provide a Pathway for Future Services and Subscribers

Tuesday, Jul 22, 2014

ARRIS Group, Inc. announced that its E6000™ Converged Edge Router (CER) will power enhanced voice, video, and data experiences for Cable TV of East Alabama subscribers. After reviewing several competing solutions, the independent operator selected the ARRIS E6000 CER to support the deployment of future services due to its proven design, cost-effectiveness, and scalability.

The ARRIS E6000 CER allows Cable TV of East Alabama to incrementally increase bandwidth to address IP voice, video, and data services growth through DOCSIS QAM licensing, while lowering CAPEX and cost per channel by delivering 1000+ downstream channel capacity per chassis.

"The E6000 CER enables smaller operators to benefit from increased network capacity and efficiency in the same way that that it empowers larger providers," said Rickey Luke Ph.D., Chief Technology Officer, Cable TV of East Alabama. "Now, our infrastructure can scale voice, video, and data services to our growing subscriber base while offering the highest levels of performance and reliability."

"ARRIS's network infrastructure technology and flexible licensing model make solutions like the E6000 CER available to providers of all sizes—providing an extensible design that offers a pathway to accommodate additional subscribers and future services," said Bruce McClelland, President of Network & Cloud and Global Services at ARRIS. "As an independent provider, Cable TV of East Alabama makes an excellent case for the network efficiencies that our solutions can achieve for any segment in the service provider market."

Powering Smarter Networks: The ARRIS E6000 CER
The ARRIS E6000 CER delivers new levels of density and cost-effectiveness in a simple, robust integrated architecture that will enable converged services on broadband networks. The E6000 CER provides a high-availability, high-performance solution, and supports a fully-redundant design.

ARRIS will demo the E6000 CER at The Independent Show in Kansas City, MO, July 27-31st—Booth #309 and #311.

About Cable TV of East Alabama

Cable TV of East Alabama began in 1964. It provides Cable, Phone & Internet service to east Alabama for businesses, schools and residences. It is a community driven company with a strong philosophy of and commitment to giving back to the local area that it serves.

Cable TV of East Alabama operates 1,000 miles of cable plant and remains one of the largest independent cable operators in the State of Alabama. Its newest deployment is a next generation Docis 3.0 platform utilizing the network for maximum high speed data services allowing internet speeds of 50 and 100 MB's. The company is continuously constructing plant to provide better service to east Alabama.

Cable TV of East Alabama's founder is Mr. Roy M. Greene. Since approximately 2007, the company has been managed, and more than 50 percent owned, by women.


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