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Imam-E-Kaaba Urges Muslims To Demonstrate Unity To Overcome Modern Challenges

Sunday, Sep 11, 2016

In his Khutba-e-Hajj from Masjid Nimra, Imam-e-Kaaba Abdur Rehman al-Sudais called upon the Muslim Ummah to demonstrate unity to face the present day challenges.

He said Muslim Ummah is passing through a difficult time and they can overcome these difficulties only through unity.

He said Muslim rulers will have to address the collective problems realising their responsibilities.

The Imam said terrorism is the biggest problem. He said Islam has no link with terrorism.  He said terrorists have no religion.

He said teachings of Islam based on justice and adl.

Imam-e-Kaaba said that Islam ensures right of every human and said that every human has equal right.

He said that the Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) was issued the basic manifesto of Islam and human rights in his last sermon and said that there is no difference between any Arabic and Ajami, black and white, rich and poor.

Shiekh Sudais said the Ummah should act upon according to this manifesto and should ensure the safety, life, honor of all people.

He said that Islam desirous establishment of government based on peace and stability in the world and for this purpose all Muslims should leave personal interests to ensure peace and inter-harmony among the people.

Sheikh Sudais said that ideal society could not be established without discourage of crime in the society.

Imam-e-Kaaba said that the Muslims of Palestinian and Syria are facing difficulties and the Umma should be united to address their problems.

He urged Islamic scholars to work together for promotion of inter-harmony and avoid any act which causes scatter of Ummah.

He said that the Hajj gathering is also a message of Unity and the Hujjaj should maintain this spirit in their home towns.


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