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Majestic UFO X Marine TV Antenna Updates Design for Superior Performance

Monday, Jul 04, 2016

The Majestic UFO X Marine TV Antenna is the new replacement to the famous UFO which was over 10 years old in technology and was known globally as the ultimate Marine Antenna with its high gain and compact size. Ensuring size and performance were the most important factors the Majestic engineering team developed the UFO X to be perfectly matched with the Majestic range of TV and give you the ultimate in performance especially when you are in fringe areas. You won't find a company that develops their own TV antenna and TV which are perfectly tuned to give you the performance needed when you are in fringe areas such as boating or in the RV industry.

The Majestic UFO X has had a major facelift with the redesign of the technology use in the internal electronics and the case design. The UFO was 30cm (10") in diameter, the new UFO X is supporting an improved reduced size of 27cm (9") in diameter and it is more powerful than the previous model.

The main engineering improvement is the High Gain of the UFO X which is at 30dB versus the previous model at 28dB. The UFO X has a 30dB High Gain Amplifier built into the Antenna which is a major increase in performance.

Another major improvement is when the UFO X boat tv antenna is powered up through the junction box, there are two lights which light up. The junction box has its own Green LED light to indicate that there is power getting to the junction box. Then the UFO X has a Bright Blue light which shines through the case giving you easy identification that the Majestic UFO X Marine TV Antenna is powered up. So now you can see if your antenna is working or not.

The Majestic UFO X is used as standard supply by many of the major boat manufacturers such as Regal Boats, Rinker Boats, Tiara Yachts, Pursuit Boats, Ranger Tugs, Cutwater Boats and many others.

Available online at 12 Volt Technology LLC.

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