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Media Mea and Mvix Partner to Provide a Complete Interactive Digital Signage Solution

Wednesday, Feb 04, 2015

Media mea, a provider of interactive indoor and outdoor LCD/LED digital signage displays, has announced its partnership with Mvix, an industry leader in HD digital signage solutions, to provide a complete interactive digital signage solution. Mvix's solution focuses on cloud-based, subscription-less content management software, which enables content scheduling and monitoring of screens over the internet.

Founded in 2009, media mea specializes in the fabrication of interactive indoor and outdoor LCD/LED digital signage displays. Through strategic partnerships with content management software (CMS) providers, they provide their clients with the tools to deliver their messages efficiently and effectively.

Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, media mea has carved a name for itself in the digital signage industry by successfully executing many projects for various privately owned and government organizations. They take pride in their thorough implementation processes. With custom fabrications, for example, accurate technology designs are implemented and a complete prototype is presented to the client for approval prior to production. Depending on the size of the project itself, the production period ranges from 15 to 60 days, with a guarantee of quality deliverables.

Their custom display units have a unique embedded space for the media player. As a CMS partner, Mvix will provide the media player and software for the turnkey solution.

“We are continuously seeking to form collaborative partnerships with digital signage software providers to empower our clients to broadcast their intended message instantly and in a timely, defined fashion,” said Mohamed Ghalayini, media mea’s General Manager – EMEA. “Mvix has taken a clear customer-focused position by providing versatile, affordable, and feature-rich CMS solutions that can easily satisfy varying business needs.”

Mvix’s cross-functional solutions are not market/application specific. Their signature XhibitSignage CMS rivals dozens of commercially available software-as-a-service (SAAS) digital signage solutions in terms of its ease of use and versatility. Currently, Mvix solutions are being utilized in more than 16 different applications across 11 markets. With over 31K installations in over 29 countries, Mvix solutions have been adopted by clients across verticals.

“We are excited about our partnership with media mea,” said Mike Kilian, the Senior Solutions Consultant at Mvix. “World class craftsmanship, product diversity, and quality service are the trademarks of media mea. This partnership will put us at the forefront of consumer trends driving the industry.”

Mvix, based in Sterling, Virginia, was founded in 2005 and has become one of the industry leaders in the field of cloud-based digital signage solutions. “Our digital signage systems are designed with stability, ease-of-use and affordability in mind,” stated Mike. “With the bulk of our cloud-based CMS solutions being offered with no subscription fees, we can guarantee the best return on investment available in today’s market.”



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