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Netcracker Introduces the Industry's First, Cloud-Based, Industry-Wide SDN / NFV Solution as a Service

Tuesday, Oct 09, 2018

Netcracker Technologytoday announced the launch of a revolutionary new solution, the Netcracker Business Cloud, which eliminates the time, cost and complexity barriers service providers typically face in deploying cloud-based applications and virtual connectivity services. By delivering industry-first cloud-based SDN / NFV solution with complete end-to-end coverage and IT solutions, ranging from VNFs to orchestration, OSS management systems, BSS, portals, and a digital marketplace like service, the solution enables drastic reductions in marketing time, while opening up business models that are considered to be impacting to service providers. The Netcracker Business Cloud solution, as part of its comprehensive offer,

The Netcracker Business Cloud solution offers remarkable deployment flexibility by using the Netcracker cloud or a multi-cloud environment comprised of a private cloud and public cloud from a service provider, with Netcracker as the company responsible for end-to-end service tip. In the case of larger service providers with OpCo and ServCo business models, the Netcracker Business Cloud offers the flexibility of hosting the solution in one place, providing it as a service to affiliates, enabling them to offer next-generation B2B services agile way. While this is a complete "full-stack" solution,

Netcracker Business Cloud also has a full range of ready-to-operate service packages, driving an extensive group of pre-integrated cloud and VNF service partners from its award-winning Ecosystem 2.0 program. Service providers, by integrating cloud connectivity services such as SD-WAN, value-added network services, and IoT and business applications, can create and launch highly differentiated and specific enterprise proposals in weeks.

"The time has come for service providers to embrace new approaches by offering virtual network services and cloud applications, since the traditional approach of cloud service providers (CSP) to" do and build everything by themselves "is time-consuming, too expensive, "said Karl Whitelock, vice president of operations for communications and monetization service providers at IDC. "When B2B customers move at the speed of the digital economy, marketing time becomes a critical success factor. Solutions such as the Netcracker Business Cloud, which can be implemented in a matter of weeks rather than years, meet this challenge,

"Corporate, sales and marketing organizations within cloud service providers (CSPs) that are responsible for B2B revenue growth are often frustrated by the slow pace of the IT transformation and network, which prevents them from offering "said Sanjay Mewada, chief strategist at Netcracker." We are looking forward to the next step. "Cloud service providers now have the option to start delivering virtual services and cloud-based enterprise applications much faster, with flexible business and operational models."

The Netcracker Business Cloud solution delivers an innovative engagement model that reduces business risk in migration to virtualization and the cloud, focusing on business growth. With revenue-sharing models such as pay as you grow, service providers can start small and grow in scale as their business takes off. Netcracker also offers extensive marketing support by providing advice on creating the right mix of services as well as sales and marketing support to ensure teams are ready to operate quickly.

Netcracker's global reach enables Netcracker Business Cloud to support location based on an advanced security framework that protects the network and service layers against cyber threats while keeping customer data protected. The modular, cloud-based solution, leveraging Netcracker's industry-leading portfolio and more than 25 years of industry experience, can be easily expanded to add new features and services to the pace of a service provider's business .

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About Netcracker Technology

Netcracker Technology, a wholly owned subsidiary of NEC Corporation, is an innovative software company that provides solutions for critical tasks to service providers around the world. Our comprehensive portfolio of professional software and services solutions enable large-scale digital transformations, opening up cloud opportunities, virtualization and changes to the mobile ecosystem. With an uninterrupted track record of more than 20 years of service, our unique combination of technology, people and expertise helps companies transform their networks and enable better customer experiences.

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