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Netflix and Chill from everywhere with Unblock-Us

Thursday, Jan 07, 2016

It's official, Unblock-Us users around the world can now Netflix & Chill anywhere. Unblock-Us™, the world's first SmartDNS service, has announced that global content access has never been more attainable, proving to be a Tinder match made in heaven with #NetflixEverywhere.

By using Unblock-Us, users in countries with smaller Netflix™ libraries gain the ability to unlock more than 213,000 options from the global Netflix catalog — a feature that Netflix still can't provide alone due to licensing agreements.

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings' announcement at CES -- more than 130 countries such as India and Poland now have Netflix access -- was met with mixed reactions. Due to licensing agreements, the majority of these newly added regions have a very limited number of titles (500 or less) when compared to American Netflix (more than 5,000) without the use of Unblock-Us.

With an easy setup, Unblock-Us uses SmartDNS technology to allow users to bypass regional restrictions and ultimately access Netflix content from any country of their choosing without leaving home. Besides access to all Netflix regions, Unblock-Us also offers user-friendly setup guides, 24/7 email support, no data logging or decreases in speed, and even offers a caption blocker feature. With Unblock-Us, users can now take full advantage of #NetflixEverywhere so they can #NetflixandChill with #bae. Unblock-Us makes the Internet a beautiful thing.

New subscribers have the option to try Unblock-Us for 1 week free, no credit card required, or can purchase the service for 99 cents the first month (retail value $4.99).

About Unblock-Us:

Unblock-Us is an industry-leading SmartDNS service that provides access to geographically restricted content including TV shows, movies, music, sporting events, and more. Unlike comparable services, Unblock-Us makes it a priority to be user-friendly and provide customers with effortless content streaming options. Proving to be an innovative alternative to a traditional VPN, Unblock-Us offers faster connections, while catering to cord-cutting consumers. Unblock-Us is compatible with a vast selection of devices including desktop computers, mobile devices, set-top boxes, routers, and gaming consoles. Currently supporting 150 channels from more than 20 different regions, Unblock-Us offers mobile applications on both Android and iOS operating systems. For more information, visit

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