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Network Foundation Technologies receives Two EU/International Patents for Online Broadcasting Technology

Tuesday, Dec 15, 2015

Network Foundation Technologies (NiFTy) recently received notice that two of its already U.S. approved patents were approved by the European Patent Office.  NiFTy has developed a portfolio of patents which protect its innovative online distributed broadcasting technology.

NiFTy's first patent filed in 2001, was issued in 2006.  

NiFTy's innovative approach to online broadcasting dramatically reduces the costs of online broadcasts (by 75% and higher) enabling larger online audiences to be reached, while ensuring excellent quality of service. NiFTy's distributed broadcasting technology is effective for not only streaming video and audio, but for any type of broadcast data currently being used including software patches and new technologies like "Pico Cell" phones, etc.

As the content industry struggles to optimize bandwidth costs in the ever important video streaming market, as seen by the NFL, MLBAMAmazon, and the unprecedented re-encoding of its entire catalog by NetFlix, the NiFTy IP portfolio remains the go to proven international solution for any competitive streaming aggregator or Software Defined CDN.

NiFTy's original patent, which forms the foundation of the company's online broadcasting portfolio, dates back to 2001, demonstrating more than a decade-long commitment to innovation in the online broadcasting industry.  In 2011 NiFTy won a prestigious award at the White House for its technology's ability to reduce server cost and make streaming "green". By lowering the energy footprint in the fastest growing tech sector, streaming, and NiFTy has the potential to make a positive global environmental effect. Nifty was also selected by the National Science Foundation ( for its revolutionary technology, and was singled out for awards on three different occasions.

In the years after the release of its original client/server application, NiFTy's management decided that they were just too early and so "in front of the market" that it was better to focus its resources on the patents and IP development, so they "mothballed" the working product/application after tens thousand plus.  

With this focus, NiFTy now has the most important patent portfolio for live streaming with 14 issued U.S. patents and now 2 International/E.U. patents (one of these international patents just received was filed for in 2005) and these are the patents that describe how NiFTy's technology (vetted by the NSF and many early customers) saves over 75% of the bandwidth when live streaming - and the larger the audience the better-unlike "traditional" live streaming.  And more recently, two other Canadian patents have just become set to issue. Bringing our count to 14-U.S., 2-E.U. and 2-C.A. issued patents with the others filed in Canada, Europe and China waiting on approval.

With these recent filings, NiFTy is well positioned to aggressively defend its patent portfolio and add value as evidenced by the results of a recent lawsuit where a jury awarded the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF) $234 million in damages after successfully demonstrating that Apple used performance-improving processing technology in its A7, A8 and A8X chips (used in Apple's products including the iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6 and iPhone 5s and several versions of the iPad) that the foundation had patented in 1998.

At this time, efforts are underway to relaunch the working technology on all smart device platforms including Android, Apple and Windows products. NiFTy's technology is scalable on these multiple platforms thus can be implemented across virtually every known network.

About Network Foundation Technologies®, LLC

Network Foundation Technologies, LLC ('NiFTy')'s patented technology overcomes the scalability and cost bottlenecks associated with online broadcasting, enabling the company to bring large-scale, cost effective, high quality broadcasting to the Internet. Please visit for more information.


Marcus Morton
Network Foundation Technologies, LLC

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