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NextVR Completes First LIVE Broadcast Quality Virtual Reality Transmission

Monday, Jan 26, 2015

NextVR, a technology company that captures and delivers live and on-demand virtual reality experiences, today announced they have successfully conducted the first ever live, broadcast quality transmission of a virtual reality experience. The transmission was conducted this weekend between Laguna Beach, CA and Michigan where a reporter was transported to the beach in California and held a conversation in real time, high-definition, broadcast quality virtual reality.  

"For the first time, with NextVR's technology, we can transmit - live - three dimensional, high frame-rate video images, as well as the geometry of the world surrounding the camera, which virtually takes the viewer to where the action is and gives the feeling of actually being there," said Dave Cole, Co-founder, NextVR. "It opens up a whole world of possibilities for virtual reality. Imagine if you could have stood on the moon with Neil Armstrong as he took his first step.  With this advancement, you WILL be virtually teleported to Mars as mankind takes our first step there."

NextVR is the first company that has the technology to do this, with 14 patents granted and pending for the capture, compression, broadcast quality transmission, and display of virtual reality content. Specifically, NextVR's technology for live VR transmission includes:

A 6K resolution, 80-frame-per-second, stereoscopic camera system that captures not just the visuals, but the 3D geometry of a location (e.g. the shape, size and distance of all the objects in the captured scene as well as the size of the environment).
A patented stereoscopic broadcast technology platform that can transmit high resolution, 3-dimensional imagery and 3D geometry at bit-rates low enough to stream to mobile VR devices over cellular networks (as low as 4 mbps).
NextVR's live-streaming player technology, which is demonstrable now on GearVR and other mobile and wired VR platforms.  
"LIVE virtual reality capabilities has been the missing component to bring sports, news, entertainment and historical events to VR as a broad media platform. NextVR has made that a reality," said DJ Roller, award-winning filmmaker and Co-Founder, NextVR.  "I've spent my career bringing viewers closer to the action with 3D and giant screen IMAX films. But LIVE virtual reality is the most insanely disruptive thing I've seen.  It's a mind-altering sensation to be transported somewhere virtually and in real time. You're not just watching it, you're right there – in it."

Recently, NextVR also worked with Coldplay in London to shoot and produce their Ghost Stories Virtual Reality Concert Experience. The entire concert was captured with NextVR technology and software, and a clip of the first song, A Sky Full of Stars, is now available via the NextVR app on Samsung Gear VR headset. NextVR is also planning upcoming releases of major league sporting events, fashion shows and educational programming. All NextVR's content can be delivered instantly over mobile and home Internet connections.



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