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NTT Group Launches Smart Cities Initiative with Dell Technologies

Wednesday, May 02, 2018

NTT Group (NTT) has expanded its partnership with Dell Technologies to include smart city initiatives. The companies will be collaborating for the first proof of concept of smart city, with the city of Las Vegas being part of the digital transformation of the city.

The NTT Group believes that smart cities are the natural evolution of public safety that will make full use of next generation sensors, ultra high definition cameras and other advanced technologies. Today, situational video recognition is a common practice used by local police and the fire brigade to proactively alert those interested in public safety and emergency first responders. However, the expansion of future security measures requires infrastructure and operational models that can analyze and store incoming multimedia data. These demands are too costly for most municipalities, limiting the public safety potential of smart city initiatives.

The new NTT Group solution is a secure distributed platform that will create and install microdata centers in close proximity to sensors across the city. These microdata centers will use advanced analysis to bring real-time data to places where data can offer the most value. Diagnostic and predictive end-point analysis will only send data indicating the occurrence of an incident or the need for investigation back to the central data center, minimizing the volume and time of data transport.

The smart city solution builds on NTT Group's innovative cognitive foundation architecture, which enables the creation, management and remote operation of communication and information technology (ICT) resources, devices and networks to the cloud. It will also combine the Dell EMC hyper-credential infrastructure and the IoT portals and the VMare vCloud NFV platform hosting predictive analytics applications.

When the proof-of-concept is completed, it will allow proactive data analysis to increase security. With a scalable, robust infrastructure supporting situational awareness and sensor data, the city can take advantage of machine learning to improve response times for public safety incidents. Following a successful concept recognition in the city of Las Vegas, NTT Group is planning to launch similar additional initiatives in other US cities.

" Our collaborative approach is unique and we are delighted to join the City of Las Vegas and Dell Technologies to help ensure that citizens are safe and essential resources are installed when needed," said Jun Sawada, CFO of NTT and executive director of NTT Security. " We have brought together the NTT Group's cognitive foundation and Dell Technology's powerful microdata centers to focus on meeting areas and public event venues," said Sawada, a powerful combination that facilitates rapid, efficient and efficient response services.

" The innovation district in downtown Las Vegas is planned to be a testing ground for new technologies, and this latest involvement of NTT Group and Dell Technologies will continue our efforts to be a connected and intelligent community," said Michael Lee Sherwood, director of information technologies for the City of Las Vegas . " By leveraging innovative technologies, the city can enhance service delivery while helping keep the public safe and connected."

" This proof-of-concept test with the NTT Group strives to improve, modernize and transform the infrastructure of our cities," said Howard Elias, president of Dell Services, Digital and IT . " We value this joint project with the NTT Group to implement technologically advanced initiatives throughout the city and hope to help municipalities around the world make better use of their resources."

The NTT Group is pleased to introduce the advanced smart city solution to the digital society era during the Dell Technologies World 2018.

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