Parallel Wireless Partners with Vodafone Ireland to Realize Their Vision for Open Radio Access Network Solutions

19 November 2020

Parallel Wireless, Inc., America's leading company focused on deploying unique solutions for the globally open radio access network (RAN) for connectivity to 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G networks in urban and rural areas, today announced that Vodafone Ireland, the provider with the highest performing and fastest network in the country, becomes the first provider to deploy open RAN solutions in the Northwestern part of the country using Parallel Wireless' open RAN management software to deliver faster and more cost-effective delivery of the new 4G network service to 30 regions.

As demand for mobile broadband services grows, mobile operators face challenges with their capital and operating expenses when offering new coverage or capacity to their end users.

RAN is an approach adopted by the industry which aims to define and develop radio access network solutions for 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G networks and which is based on computer hardware and software for general and independent of suppliers relying on open interfaces between components. RAN solutions allow mobile operators to match radio power, software and server providers, promoting vendor diversity, greater deployment flexibility and lower total cost of ownership. Investments in open RAN solutions are forecast to reach $ 40 billion and represent more than 50% of the total spend associated with the RAN network.

Vodafone, which has been a leading proponent of open RAN solutions by driving innovation within the industry to reduce deployment costs and avoid vendor slaving, recently demanded to its suppliers that they support the functional division 7.2x of the open RAN to guarantee interoperability. The company is currently carrying out trials of the open radio access network as part of the Telecom Infra Project (TIP) in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Turkey with the assistance of Parallel Wireless. “ALL G”, Parallel Wireless' radio access network solution designed for the cloud environment, shows excellent results in performance, quality of service and economic benefits to the operator.

In Ireland, facilities are built based on an open radio access network architecture using a remote radio unit provided by Comba Telecom, software from Parallel Wireless that manages distributed units and central units running on a baseband unit supplied by Supermicro and deployed on site. The distributed unit and central processing unit management software is linked to Parallel Wireless' near-real-time intelligent controller, located in a Dublin data center and powered by Hewlett-Packard hardware within the VMWare ESXi virtual environment v6.7.

Today's announcement follows Vodafone Group's commitment to use Open RAN technology in at least 2,600 UK locations. This is the largest commitment made by a European operator towards open RAN solutions. Open Radio Access Network technology is committed to helping build and expand wireless networks in regions served by Vodafone, and to deliver next-generation digital services to end users, communities and communities. companies.

Supporting quotes

Didier Clavero, CTO of Vodafone Ireland said: “The opening of sites using open radio access network technology is a critical moment in the provision of mobile coverage services to rural communities in Ireland, as this innovative approach promotes cost reduction, provides greater flexibility and allows new providers to support the expansion of Vodafone's mobile network in hard-to-reach areas. By focusing our efforts on the North West region, we will continue to identify communities across Ireland where we are able to introduce high-speed voice and data access more economically through the new technology. "

Keith Johnson, COO of Parallel Wireless said, “The telecommunications industry demands open and flexible networks in order to reduce deployment and maintenance costs. We are excited to work with Vodafone Ireland to foster an open ecosystem of open RAN bundled solutions based on open interfaces and open RAN technology standards. Open Radio Access Network solutions will expand coverage quickly and cost effectively and positively impact the lives of end users. "

About Parallel Wireless

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