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Rabble.TV introduces Free Live Streaming Audio Service

Wednesday, Apr 29, 2015

Rabble.TV, which launched earlier this month with its flagship alternative audio broadcasts for sports and television programs, today announced the release of its new streaming audio service called RabbleCast.

RabbleCasts are real-time streaming audio broadcasts from Rabble.TV. These broadcasts are streamed through Rabble.TV's website and app and incorporate a message board and voting mechanism that allow listeners to communicate with broadcasters in real-time.

RabbleCasts are used by Rabble.TV broadcasters to discuss sports or television programming not tied directly to a game or show in progress. Typical RabbleCast topics include pre-game commentary, weekly sports discussions and in-depth analysis of teams and television shows.

About Rabble.TV

Rabble is a community driven social audio platform that allows users to broadcast and discuss their insights and opinions about live sports and television. The Rabble website and app deliver alternative audio commentary for everyone from sports fans tired of listening to national broadcasters mangle coverage of their favorite teams to reality show devotees looking for expert or funny commentary to accompany their favorite shows. All Rabble.TV content is user-created and user-filtered.

Key Features

  •     Broadcast live commentary to listeners everywhere
  •     Listen to passionate, humorous and informative fan-created commentary on any TV show or sports event
  •     Game and show chat threads create an interactive event experience
  •     iOS mobile companion app enables users to listen from anywhere
  •     Available for any sports or television event
  •     No need to audition or qualify for a broadcasting spot - just sign up to start Rabbling today

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