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Russia to Launch a New Free-to-air Sports TV Channel

Thursday, Oct 29, 2015

A nationwide Russian 24/7 universally-accessible sports television channel called Match TV will go on air on 1 November 2015. The concept of the channel, its key faces and its programmes were revealed on Thursday. The new channel represents a ground-breaking format in the Russian television market. Its fundamental idea is to bring sports closer to the general public, broaden the audiences' understanding of sports as a core feature of human life, help them understand sports personalities, their everyday life, training, families, and use these examples for promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.

At the channel launch, Dmitry Chernyshenko, Director General of the Gazprom Media Holding, and Tina Kandelaki General Producer of Match TV spoke about the philosophy of the new channel and its core development strategy.

Dmitry Chernyshenko, Director General of the Gazprom Media Holding, said:

"We are creating a dynamic, cutting-edge and inspiring TV channel which will give the audience a new angle, new perspective on sport, show the strength, determination and energy of athletes that each life story and victory belies. We hope that the channel will win the minds and hearts of our viewers and become a champion of sports and healthy lifestyles.

"It's a fully-fledged cross-platform media outlet, not just a niche, specialty channel. The content will also be made available through a variety of platforms, including web, social media, mobile applications and radio, under the umbrella brand of Match TV".

Tina Kandelaki, General Producer of Match TV, said:

"We aim at bringing on air the very spirit of sport, something that captivates spectators at real-life games, to find the right tone of voice… It is all about relishing every single moment of life here and now, a drive, passion, and - at the same time - some degree of irony… Because one can't be totally humourless when it comes to sport. We hope the audience likes that special touch and would never quit."

Match TV will have live TV broadcast rights for the majority of first-tier sports events and matches worldwide. It will broadcast traditionally for Russian soccer and basketball matches as well as Formula One races, American football, rugby, boxing and so on. The channel's team will also produce a number of their own shows: news-breaks, weekly reviews, talk-shows and reality shows, feature and documentary films and TV series about sports and lives of athletes. There will also be TV shows on general health, wellness, healthy eating where doctors, nutritionists and coaches will share their views and knowledge.

Match TV brings together 1,500 best-in-class media professionals including Russia's best known anchors and commentators as well as celebrity athletes, such as the Olympic champions Tatyana Navka and Alina Kabayeva, and St Petersburg's Zenit striker Alexander Kerzhakov. The channel will also feature Roy Jones Jr, the legendary American boxer, as a boxing commentator and analyst.

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