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Startup Lifestyle Media Hybe Shifts Into High Gear at Slush 15

Monday, Oct 19, 2015

Targeted to anyone interested in entrepreneurial mindset, startups and the future of work, fresh new startup media Hybe is shifting into high gear after a soft launch. The Hybe TV show is presented by two Nordic startup scene veterans, Anna Bessonova and Greg Anderson.

"A lot of startup coverage is focused on tech, or funding, or both. We feel it goes deeper, that there is a whole new way of working and living. Startup lifestyle is setting a completely new scene. We want to dig into it and inspire the world at large," executive producer Anna Bessonova explains.

Hybe explores a variety of topics from health, education and crowdfunding to design, failure, gaming and music. The production is based in the Nordics but all content is made in English with a global audience in mind.

"Our aim is to be the number one companion in exploring the entrepreneurial lifestyle. Hybe explores a variety of topics from health, education and crowdfunding to design, failure, gaming and music. Hybe is where you can read, watch and listen to unique stories of doers and makers across all industries, around the globe. Whether you're a startup enthusiast or just inspired by new ways of working, we're for you," Anna Bessonova says.

Multichannel Hybe takes you beyond the hype

The hottest startup TV show on planet, Hybe TV, premiered on Finnish television channel MTV3 in September. The first three episodes have each gathered an average of 70,000 viewers combined on TV, web TV and the website.

Every episode includes in-depth interviews of interesting startup personalities, visits to startup events from Tokyo and London to Istanbul and Stockholm, the hottest new startups, two minute speed pitching in a taxi and crazy random segments ranging from pirates to entrepreneurs pitching to VCs in ice-holes.

The website boils down to a news service and content discovery platform presenting the latest in startups, innovation and entrepreneurial lifestyle. In addition to original articles and videos, includes content from partners.

"Hybe sets out to establish an audience that is busy, demanding and world-wide. We are creating a world-class cross-media experience that encourages followers to engage with us anytime, anywhere. This is a very attractive opportunity for marketeers who are looking to reach fast moving global minds," says Hybe CEO Tatu Tahkokallio.

Hybe Media is based in Helsinki, the startup hotbed of Nordics.

List of Hybe episodes so far

Power of the Crowd

In the first episode of Hybe, we hear coder and children's book author Linda Liukas talk about her record-breaking crowdfunding campaign, we take a peek into the Danish startup scene, we dive into a hole in the ice in a pitching event in Oulu and much more.

Hacking Health

In this episode we meet a researcher determined to stop people from aging. Two brothers from Sweden tell us why they decided to start a company that makes a difference in the everyday life of diabetics. Anna has a taste of a drinkable meal and Greg meets with a Finnish biohacker to enjoy a kick-ass cup of coffee.

Passion for Design

In this episode we meet three young women who made second hand fashion into a business. Shoe designer Minna Parikka shares her advice for aspiring entrepreneurs and fashionistas. We visit Germany to see what pirates and startups have in common and hear why the trendiest drink of today comes from a tiny Finnish country town.

Falling Hard for Hardware

In this episode we're diving deep into the world of hardware startups and physical products. We meet some interesting people and robots at STHLM Tech Fest. We try out a button with endless usage possibilities. We hear the story of a Danish company that brings life to animated characters and meet a man who gave up the glamorous start up life for smoked fish.

HYBE is an international startup lifestyle media company, and key companion for audiences in search of knowledge and inspiration about entrepreneurship and innovation. HYBE original stories, online videos and the TV series are available on HYBE.COM, through the HYBE App (iOS and Android) and with selected television networks worldwide. As a startup itself, HYBE's vision is to become a role model for the thriving future of media, with an ecosystem centred around agile journalists, open technology and innovative business models.

contact :

Tatu Tahkokallio, CEO, Hybe
Tel. +358-40-502-6166
Anna Bessonova, Executive Producer, Hybe
Tel. +358-44-038-8040

Agency contact:

Christina Forsgård,
Tel. +358-40-517-9192

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