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STRATA and JamLoop partner to provide Broader Access to Digital Video inventory

Thursday, Dec 03, 2015

STRATA, the leader in media buying and selling software, announced today it has partnered with JamLoop, a video advertising provider, to allow advertising agencies and buyers access to a wide range of digital video inventory. Through this partnership, STRATA offers agencies the ability to extend their digital video advertisements to new audiences across all digital screens in a process similar to executing local TV. JamLoop's inventory includes all video display types, including desktop, mobile, and connected TVs such as smart TVs, OTT boxes, and gaming consoles.

Agencies using STRATA's systems can now utilize JamLoop's unique approach to finding and guaranteeing viewable inventory. This inventory is generated through JamLoop's proprietary technology that identifies and extracts the most viewable inventory across tens of thousands of websites and apps to ensure that advertisers experience the highest possible consumer engagement. JamLoop reaches over 85% of digital audiences in each market and provides TV-like audience targeting and measurement based on gross rating points (GRPs).

"The video advertising industry has become extremely complex and fragmented as audiences are accessing content through a variety of platforms and devices. STRATA's partnership with JamLoop allows buyers to access their inventory seamlessly and in our industry leading system.  We are committed to providing advertisers with more ways to effectively target and reach their audiences," said Judd Rubin, vice president at STRATA.

"We are thrilled to be selected as a STRATA digital video partner," said Leif Welch, JamLoop CEO. "Audiences are clearly shifting their video viewing habits from TV to digital devices, and any media buyer should be considering the best way to reach their audiences regardless of screen type.  We're happy to give local TV buyers a new way to extend their clients' exposure especially when key avails are so limited.  TV audiences really are everywhere now and the JamLoop-STRATA partnership is designed to address the audience viewing fragmentation head-on.  Together, we are making it easy for STRATA clients to execute seamlessly by giving them a fully-integrated, TV-like offering that covers the digital realm."


The solutions that STRATA provides empowers clients to buy and sell all media types including cable, broadcast, newspaper, radio, outdoor and digital advertising mediums. On average, over $50 Billion in advertising dollars flow through STRATA systems per year. As the system of choice for over 1,000 agencies in the United States, STRATA provides media technology that enables organizations to lead rather than react to industry developments.  By transforming the way advertisements are placed and tracked, STRATA adds a new level of transparency to campaigns that is necessary in the ever-evolving media world.


JamLoop's software solution enables agencies and brands to reach the best video audiences everywhere. JamLoop's BIG VIDEO™  offering helps media buyers plan, buy, measure and optimize digital video advertising across all device types, including PCs, smartphones, tablets and connected TVs.  Through programmatic buying, extensive data filtering and powerful machine learning techniques, JamLoop offers its clients guaranteed viewability and full page-level transparency for every ad campaign.  It's the BIG VIDEO™ buying experience.

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